What They're Saying

Will Weir    Laurens, NY

Thomas Rivera    Chicago, IL

Nicholas Pitel   Lee, MA

I love the original All Purpose Blend, but my favorite is the Bayou Blend. I've tried it on all sorts of things to add some zip. Steak, chicken, pork chops, eggs, mashed potatoes etc. Great stuff!
If you're looking for a tasty rub that hits all the spots on your grilled or baked meats, look no further. Lump's All Purpose Rub is my personal favorite for use on steak, baked chicken, and all round seasoning. You can literally use this rub on just about anything. I've known Josh for many years and I'm excited to see that his commitment to quality and good food has led to Lump's Spice Company. 
The All Purpose Rub is a classic, versatile blend that can be used on anything. The Sweet Sizzlin' Bourbon blend makes for a great grilled chicken.
My favorite blend so far, is the Deep Blue Seafood Rub - it is the perfect mix of salt and herb flavors which really enhances the fish. I've used it primarily on white fish (cod and haddock). You can cook the fish using just the rub, or mix the rub with lemon juice, butter or bread crumbs. It's great for grilling or baking!

Krista Howard     Williamsburg, VA

Lump’s Spices taste amazing and they make figuring out dinner a breeze!! I just have to pick which protein I want and the rest is quick and easy. I also love that they are made with wholesome minimal ingredients, no preservatives like store bought spices. It’s great when you can know and understand what you’re putting in your body. There are so many choices of spice blends to choose from and each of them have such impressive flavors!! Just sprinkle a little blend of your choice on your favorite meat and throw it on the grill, dinner is ready in 10 minutes!

Dawn Morris-Congdon   South Dayton, NY

My favorite of all the spices I've had so far is the Espresso! It's excellent on steaks and chops.. and really good on chicken too. I love coffee so it's perfect for me. My husband love the All Purpose and the Summer Smokehouse. He uses them on everything from eggs to grilling.